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In an extremely competitive environment, visual appeal is extremely critical to market a product. The colour, gloss and uniformity of colour is essential and cannot the compromised in a composite product. Customer demands for specific colours or matching to RAL / BS or IS standard is now common.

Reproducing components/ products with exact colour requirement is a challenge. The task of achieving a given colour seems easy but is an extremely complex activity, especially due to different resins, fillers used & processes involved in the manufacturing of a Composite/ FRP product. To facilitate and add to the value chain valuechemicals supports the industry by providing pigments with colour accuracies like no other. We have our own production house where different colors are formed by using chemicals in accurate percentage.

  • Manage a colour from start to finish by evaluating the colour by numbers and or / visual representation.
  • Provide faster more accurate and consistent matching.
  • Data analysis is possible to check for difference is shade between 'Standards' and Batches after fixing tolerance levels.
  • Results in efficient process and greater productivity.
  • Ensure seamless and accurate colour communication though out the supply chain.


Our philosophy is to produce the best in class product without compromising quality for pricing or cost. We provide test samples to our partners and then make changes if our customers suggest.



    Superior Product quality – ensures Zero defects


    Dependable product that works right, first time and every time


    Personalized technical service


    Stringent quality checks of raw materials used in production


    Understanding needs & engineering the product to meet expectations


    Quick turnaround time for matching special colours