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  • Polyester Pigments
  • Epoxy Pigments
  • Translucent Pigments
  • Pigmented Gelcoats
  • Metallic Pigmented Gelcoats
  • Catalyst MEKP
  • Cobalt Accelerator 2% & 6%
  • Polyurethane Pigments


ValueChemicals Pigments are used for coloring Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP). These pigments are superior quality, stable pigment concentrates formulated with a high loading of dry organic/inorganic pigment powders in an unsaturated/ non- styrenated polyester resin. The pigment dispersions are free from plasticizers. The base resin is manufactured in-house. This carrier resin combines chemically with the moulding grade of commercial resins during curing. They exhibit high gloss, have good dispersion properties and also give excellent coverage in the moulded product.


ValueChemicals Pigments are compatible with almost all the commercial grades of resins available in the market today. They are offered for different fabrication methods such as Hand Lay-Up, Spray Lay-Up, SMC, DMC, Pultrusion, Filament Winding, Vacuum Bagging, RTM, and RFI. Currently our pigments are supplied to a wide range of critical applications and industries, including construction, automotive, marine, aerospace, electronics, petrochemical, industrial and recreational/consumer industries.

Specialized electrical grades, corrosion resistant grades, marine grades are also manufactured. They are offered in various colours and display a high degree of grinding, dispersion.



    Superior Product quality – ensures Zero defects


    Dependable product that works right, first time and every time


    Personalized technical service


    Stringent quality checks of raw materials used in production


    Understanding needs & engineering the product to meet expectations


    Quick turnaround time for matching special colours